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The Mystery of the Milk Tooth

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Many a parent particularly first time moms get anxious about the baby girls’ teeth- wondering why the neighbours’ kid has already had their first teeth removed yet her

The Whys and When of Tooth Alignment

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girl wearing dental braces

A growing number of people are being diagnosed with mis-aligned teeth worldwide (known as malocclusion) There are various reasons for poorly aligned teeth including a

Smoking & Your Oral Health

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stop smoking

Over 8 billion cigarette sticks are smoked every year in Kenya according to WHO statistics. That’s about Ksh.40 billion going up in smoke every year. That’s a lot of cigarettes and a lot of money! But beyond the cost of purchasing them, is the heavy price we pay in terms of oral health.

Life expectancy for smokers is at least 10 years

De-mystifying Root Canal Treatment

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One of the least understood and most dreaded of dental procedures is undoubtedly Root Canal Treatment (RCT). It is the pun of many pain-and-torture-related jokes as well as the subject of some controversy regarding its efficacy. Well unfortunately its poor

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