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Dental Phobia, understanding ‘Fear of the Dentist’

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fear dentist phobia

Do you fear visiting a dentist? Does the very thought of sitting on a dentist’s chair for some examination or treatment procedures frighten you? Have you been experiencing oral problems and ignoring them because you do not have the confidence to visit a dentist?

How Tongue Piercing affects your Oral Health

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 TONGUE PIERCE PERIODONTIST.CO.KETongue piercing has lately become more and more popular, especially among the young people. However “cool” it may appear, it is important to note that this type of body piercing can be very dangerous.

Do you have Tongue Discolouration? Causes & Treatment

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tongue discoloration pdc kenya

The surface of your tongue may sometimes change its colour. This change may be as a result of several factors including poor oral hygiene, injury or diseases, among others. The discolouration may appear as multiple or solitary lesions/patches, which may be uniform, speckled, regular or irregular in shape, among other descriptions.

Should I Worry About My Missing Tooth?

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All teeth are important. Besides chewing and grinding up food, speaking and smiling, they play a very important role in the structure of the mouth, and thus it is important to keep them healthy.
Losing teeth is a common phenomenon.

Morning Breath: What Causes it & How to Prevent it

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Have you ever wondered why your breath stinks after a night of sleep? Well, it may be quite embarrassing, but it is nothing to be ashamed of, because it can be treated just like other causes of bad breath.
Morning breath is something that we are all familiar with- either we have experienced someone else’ breathe in the morning that was not pleasant, or even have experienced our own.

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