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Effective Doctor-Patient Communication

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doctor patient communication
Doctor-patient communication

Communication is important to convey a decoded message from the sender to the recipient through a medium. This should be done in the most effective way to enable understanding and offering of solutions.

Dental History Of Orthodontics

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the old and new dental braces
The old and new dental braces

In the early years, the thought of braces among people made them freak out. The minute a dentist recommended one to see an orthodontist, the word “Metal mouth”, “tin teeth” and other unattractive adjectives ran through their minds. Today with modern technology dental treatment has become easy. Braces leverage the basic principles of engineering, Constant mild pressure in the desired movement will allow for an overall change in teeth position.

Seeking The Second Opinion Before Dental Appointments

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dental Check-up proceedure
Dental Check-up procedure

Patients are recommended to visit a dentist for a check-up after every 6 months. There is however a healthy patient-doctor relationship that should be maintained. Patients, therefore, need to seek a second opinion before settling on the dental procedure. The second opinion enables a patient to make better choices.

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