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Your Teeth & Aging, Common Global Trends affecting Kenyans

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Ages 20 – 39

People in this age group generally face fewer oral health challenges. They benefit most from prevention and find value in a plan that covers basic cleanings and checkups.

If you fall within this age group, you are more likely to have a family or to consider

starting one soon. If you have young children, you will appreciate tools that encourage kids to learn and practice good oral health habits.

Orthodontic coverage for your children may also be a consideration. And since recent clinical studies suggest that pregnant women may benefit from additional dental cleanings, you may be in the market for a plan that offers enhanced benefits that include such care.

According to the Expert Pediatric Dentistry research, a child should visit the dentist within six months of getting the first tooth – and no later than the first birthday.

Ages 40 – 59

At this stage in life you are more likely to require restorative procedures, such as replacement fillings, root canals and crowns. Consider a plan that will help you manage your health and wellness by providing access to expert resources and offering choices to help confront oral health challenges. Also, think about choosing a plan that offers lower deductibles and higher annual maximums in order to receive the best possible care.

Ages 60 +

As you near retirement you are more likely to face chronic conditions. So, look closely at a plan that helps manage the expenses associated with more complicated conditions, such as gum disease. You may also be susceptible to dry mouth associated with medications or chronic diseases.

Today, fewer than 26 percent of adults age 65 and older have lost all their teeth – 20 years ago that figure was 46 percent.

To keep teeth as long as possible, it’s important to continue visiting the dentist on a regular basis for professional cleanings and preventative care.
While one in seven 35-to-44-year-olds has gum disease, the occurrence rate increases to one in four among those over 65.

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