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Why is Dental Consultation important? Kenyans ask.

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Doctor-Patient consultation
Doctor-Patient consultation

Consultation is important for every patient whether new or old. This enables a patient to undergo a check-up and get feedback on health progress.

Oral hygiene is key and saves the patient money and enables maintenance. It's advisable that patients have a check-up at least after every 6 months.

Why consultation?

• Consolation enables a patient to know their oral state of health and therefore a patient can maintain their health or seek treatment when necessary.

• Patients open a patient file that enables them record first-hand information on i.e. their state of health, their insurance cover, their medical history as well as information about themselves (date of birth, name etc.)

• A patient gets the best advice on the services required for maintenance. This is done by the dentist who gets to diagnose the state of health of the patient. The patient, therefore, becomes well informed on what is required of them and even plan themselves for treatment.

• Consultation not only enables the patient to get first-hand information but also enables the patient to prepare themselves financially for services involved in treatment. This enables patients' source for financing or insurance cover that will enhance the procedure.

• Treatment planning is key for patients. The patient can, therefore, agree with the doctors on the best days they can be booked for treatment based on their schedules. This saves on time and enables planning.

• Consultation familiarizes the patient with the clinic environment. The patients also get a clear geographical location of the clinic and this familiarity enables patients to use effective means of transport to reach their destination.

• Diagnosis is usually done during the consultation. Patients get to learn the most effective procedures and what's required of them. Doctors, on the other hand, get to understand the patients better.

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