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5 Weekly Dentist's Q&A (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  1. QUESTION: My gum has receded despite several scaling procedures in dental hospitals. What makes the plaque keep forming on my teeth despite brushing them twice daily and using mouthwash? Do my gums stand a chance of growing again? Is there really a permanent solution to my problem or will i eventually lose my teeth?
    ANSWER: Gum recession is usually a symptom of disease called periodontitis. This is an inflammation of the supporting structures of the teeth namely the gums, the surrounding bone and what we call the periodontal ligament. The inflammation is a response to bacterial plaque that is left on the teeth over a long period of time. Plaque formation on the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth is constant and normal, however when it is not adequately and regularly removed by good tooth-brushing and inter-dental cleaning, it can cause periodontal disease. There are individuals however who are more prone to developing gum disease than others, and some types of gum disease are more aggressive at destroying the tissues than others. If you have had a long-standing problem with receding gums, it is worthwhile to see a gum specialist- (Periodontist) for treatment. Yes there is a permanent solution if managed well. The gums do not generally grow again, but in some cases, a procedure can be done to restore lost tissue.
  2. QUESTION: Hi! I was very happy with my treatment with you! Just wanted to ask how much an implant for a first molar might be? Am considering sacrificing one tooth in favour of an implant. Thank you
    ANSWER: Thank you! We are glad to be of service. Implant treatment is available, but needs to be assessed on case by case basis. Kindly book an appointment with the doctor.
  3. QUESTION: I have had severe gum bleeding and bursting of gums.., i have done scaling three times and fine scaling once.., the last one being at Kenyatta National Hospital but no change at all.., kindly help and i would also wish to know how much is the consult
    ANSWER: Your symptoms are those of periodontal disease which needs to be aggressively managed to avoid progression and tooth loss. It is worthwhile seeing a gum specialist (periodontist) if there has been no change in the condition. 
  4. QUESTION: My teeth are decaying one after the other. A dentist who removed my first tooth told me even the rest are likely to decay since they are too close to each other. This far six have been removed. Two more the last ones are decaying, please advice
    ANSWER: We need to identify risk factors for your condition- diet mostly would cause the kind of tooth decay you are describing. Frequently consuming sugary foods and snacks leads to tooth decay. The bacterium in your mouth breaks down this sugar and produces acid. This acid then attacks the teeth by progressively dissolving them, leading to cavity formation. Unfortunately once a cavity has formed, it cannot heal on its own so you need to have the existing cavities filled and take measures to prevent new ones from forming. Don’t wait for pain to see a dentist. Have a checkup every 6months so that any new cavities can be dealt with early enough.
  5. QUESTION:How much are the implants? What about a crown?
    ANSWER: Please book an appointment for consultation as cost may vary.

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