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Planning Your Dental Treatment

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Dr. Pauline of the Periodontist Dental Centre
Dr. Pauline of the Periodontist Dental Centre

When you attend for a dental health check, discussions follow on the patient’s concerns. They will offer you treatment options for you to consider. Sometimes when your dental problem is more complex, they may require further time to assess your situation. Treatment planning is necessary as the first step after a dental appointment before any procedure is done. Treatment planning, therefore, becomes key when it comes to preparation and sharing of the necessary information between the doctor and the patient.

Why treatment planning?

Psychological preparation

Treatment planning helps in preparing the patient psychologically in terms of information sharing. The patient becomes aware of the procedures and processes involved. This helps ease the tension and misinformation they might have. The misinformation often leads to a negative attitude of the patient towards the procedure.

Information sharing and familiarity

The patient can share their health information with the dentist. The dentist , therefore,gets to know the patient better hence familiarity is created. Familiarity builds an effective working relationship. The doctor also gets to advise the patient on the benefits of the procedure as well as the side effects if any. The patients also familiarise themselves with the type of clinic and services offered. This enables them to make a sound judgment on whether to accept or reject the service.


The dentist and patient get to agree on how the procedure should be done, hence the patient can be booked in during the right time. The patient therefore agrees to the terms and conditions that will follow. They therefore get to sign a consent form during their appointment in most cases, if the consent form is needed for the procedure to be done.

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