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Tongue Scrapers And Cleaners

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Tongue scrapers are tools used to clean the tongue. Most people end up brushing their teeth and forgetting to clean the tongue. The microbes (germs) living on the tongue have

been referred to as “bad breath factories”. The anatomy of the tongue is such that, the back part of the tongue where the taste buds are in relatively dry as compared to other parts of the mouth. The grooves, cracks, and fissures on the tongue provide a perfect trap for food particles, dead cells and sinus drip from nasal cavities. The tongue, therefore, becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that produce sulphur compounds, hence the strong unpleasant smell from the mouth.

In fact, over 45% of bad breath can be traced to the unclean tongue.

toungue scrapper

Figure 1: Tongue scrapers and cleaners

Conditions that dry the mouth can contribute to the tongue becoming a source of halitosis (unpleasant odour), Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol are also major causes to halitosis. Dehydration is also a cause since it causes bacteria concentration on the tongue. Dehydration can be caused by low fluid intake, dry mouth syndrome that causes the salivary glands to produce inadequate saliva.

 clean toungue

Figure 2: Clean tongue

 plaque toungue

Figure 3: Tongue with plaque bacteria being removed using tongue scraper

 bad breath

Figure 4: Over 45% of bad breath can be traced to the tongue bacteria

Corrective measures

• Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

• Use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue, since it yields better results.

• Take in adequate fluids, including water.

• Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and quit smoking

• Remember to visit the dentist for a check-up.

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