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This Week's Dentist Q&A ( 10 Frequently Asked Questions +4)

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  1. QUESTION: Can i get my teeth cleaned without any sensitivity and how much is it?
    ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Yes, by using local anesthesia to numb the teeth, one can eliminate sensitivity during the tooth-cleaning procedure. There may be sensitivity after professional teeth cleaning (scaling and root planning) usually resulting when the tartar that previously covered the root surfaces is removed, thus exposing rooth surfaces that tend to be sensitive. Sensitivity varies depending on the amount of tartar present and the severity of gum disease. However there are ways to reduce it- by applying topical fluoride. Please book an appointment with us for checkup and discuss the cost of treatment.
  2. QUESTION: How much does it cost to for me to fill the gaps in my teeth at your hospital?
    ANSWER: Thank you for your question. It depends, there are various options for teeth replacement. Please book an appointment to discuss
  3. QUESTION: How to maintain my teeth white everyday
    ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Brushing and flossing to maintain good oral hygiene is a first step as well as having professional cleaning done once or twice a year. If you want to whiten discolored teeth it is possible to do bleaching procedure.
  4. QUESTION:I underwent an extraction of one premolar last year and would like to fill the gap. Is a bridge the best option? How much do you charge in such a case?
    ANSWER: Thank you for your question. A dental implant is the best option followed by a bridge. Please call and book an appointment to discuss cost.
  5. QUESTION: What to do when you have severe gum disease
    ANSWER: Gum disease is caused by accumulated plaque and infection of the gum, thus it is advisable to visit a gum specialist - periodontist to take you thru the healing process.
  6. QUESTION: When does one need teeth alignment of both jaws?
    ANSWER: teeth alignment is the process of the arranging  teeth in relation to their supporting bone or alveolar process, adjacent teeth, and opposing dentition.thus one is required to align the teeth if they are interfering with the brushing and aesthetics.
  7. QUESTION: I have tried brushing my teeth as frequent as possible but my foul breath still persists. I recently found out that my tonsil stones could be the problem because i don't have gum disease and cavities. Could you kindly recommend a solution?
    ANSWER: Rule out oral disease like gum disease and then see an ENT - Ear  Nose and Throat Surgeon.
  8. QUESTION: Do you guys do class 3 composite restoration? my incisors have a hole and cavity between the adjacent teeth at the top next to the gums.
    ANSWER: Yes we do 3 class composite restorations.
  9. QUESTION: Can I fix my front gap teeth with orthodontic braces because I can't afford the normal braces?
    ANSWER: The full name for braces is orthodontic braces. There are different types of orthodontic braces including removable ones to fixed ones. There are indications for removable and fixed braces. The fixed ones are also of different types. The fixed braces tend to be more expensive. A decision can only be made on clinical evaluation.
  10. QUESTION: My lower gums are worn and I'm wondering what can be done?
    ANSWER: It’s advisable that we first establish cause of problem then do gum grafting.
  11. QUESTION: When i run after many months of not running, i feel a strange pain and sensation on my teeth, why is it so?
    ANSWER: Probably you have gum disease thus visiting a periodontist is advisable.
  12. QUESTION: Is it possible to straighten teeth if one is in their 30s?
    ANSWER: Yes it is possible, braces can be done at any age.
  13. QUESTION: Hello Dr. I've been having bad breath issues for a very long time. I've tried a couple of dental hygiene options but all in vain. It's really affecting my self esteem. What could really be the problem since I've also tried home remedies recommended through various sites. I'm a university student with a difficult background and I can't get any help. What procedure should I take?
    ANSWER: There are various causes of bad breath, a visit to our clinic is advisable to establish the exact cause.
  14. QUESTION: My two molar teeth has some hole and I can't remove two of them which medicine will I apply to reduce the pain?
    ANSWER: Take painkillers and visit a dentist for further advice.

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