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This Week's Dentist Q&A ( 10 Frequently Asked Questions)

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  1. QUESTION: I have lost 10 teeth and counting to cavities, they are discolored too, what could this be?
    ANSWER: Please visit a dentist soon for treatment. Once cavities begin they will progress unless filled and diet and oral hygiene habits are changed.
  2. QUESTION:  I have my 4 front lower teeth aching for a while. I feel they need to be plucked out n wish to be replaced artificially. Where do I get this service?
    ANSWER: We will be happy to provide that treatment for you.
  3. QUESTION: Do you do gum grafting?
    ANSWER: Yes we do.
  4. QUESTION:I truelly wanted to undergo denture implantation since I have lost one of my front tooth. what is cost, please get back to me because I truly want to restore my confidence.
    Thank you in advance.
    ANSWER: Kindly book an appointment for checkup and to discuss the options for replacement along with cost.
  5. QUESTION:My wisdom tooth is slant. And it pains sometimes. What is the problem?
    ANSWER: You have what we call an impacted tooth- that is instead of being upright, it is slanted towards the next tooth. This can put pressure on the next tooth and commonly cause it to have a cavity, or there might be a flap of gum covering part of the tooth which gets inflamed when bacteria gets trapped underneath- both these scenarios can cause pain. Please visit a dentist or book an appointment for treatment
  6. QUESTION: The roof of my mouth is sore and appears to be a bit discolored, I recently quit smoking and this problem began after some drinks I had did not go down well and as a result I vomited quit a bit. What would you recommend & how much is consultation?
    ANSWER: the soreness on the roof of your mouth is probably caused by the stomach acid erosion when you vomited. It should subside on its own or we can prescribe medication to relieve the soreness. Please call and book an appointment
  7. QUESTION: I have a patient who needs lower anterior implants(41,42,and 31), he has been using a PD the ridge is thin but I have the Following:
    CT scan mandible. axial, and 3D
    Study models.
    From my measurement the ridge is about 5mm BL.
    I want to make an inquiry of how much it will cost me to replace 2 teeths.
    ANSWER: Thank you for your inquiry. Are you a dentist?  Kindly send the doctor an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss the case
  8. QUESTION: Hey wanted to inquire I have two kids one two years the second two months my teeth are braking and getting holes since I gave birth to my first child could it be am lacking something cos am loosing my teeth, thanks?
    ANSWER: Thanks for your question. The holes in your teeth may have resulted from a change of diet during pregnancy particularly if you were frequently consuming sugary foods. Please see a dentist for treatment.
  9. QUESTION: Can I get help for servers fluorosis where my teeth are getting worn out. Can there be any correction?
    ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Yes severe dental fluorosis can be treated usually with full ceramic crowns. Please book an appointment to discuss.
  10. QUESTION:I have a problem with my milk teeth can I get a permanent One?
    ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Not sure what you mean by it? How old are you and what problem are you having with your milk teeth?

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