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Preparing For Dental Check-Up

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Dental check up is vital for healthy teeth and should be done at least after every six months.pdc dental checkup

Tips to prepare for dental check up

  1. Get goodnight’s sleep
    • Give the brain ample time to rest. Lack of sleep can impact a person’s cognitive ability in terms of problem solving, creativity and judgment.
  2. Confirm the appointment
    • The patient should confirm their availability at least 24 hours prior to their check-up day. This enables the dentist to plan and prepare.
  3. Transfer dental records
    • It is important for the dentist to have your dental records in advance to enable diagnosis. Contact your old dental office to have the dental records transferred to the new dentist.
  4. Clean up your mouth thoroughly
    • Brush your teeth and floss to make it easy for the dentist to check the condition of the mouth during examination, also for hygiene purposes.
  5. Bring your insurance and payment information
    • The insurance cover will either be used, or one will end up paying cash for the services offered. It’s advisable to bring that information with you.
  6. Show up a little bit early
    • This enables one to keep appointment time. Paperwork is usually required at times to fill hospital cards and a record, therefore keeping time is of essence to enable one to fill all the information required.
  7. Write your medication and doses
    • The dentist will require information on the type of medicine, the dosage and how often one takes the medicine if any.
  8. Make a list of questions or concerns
    • The questions of concerned from the patient should be noted by the patient and directed to the dentist on the day of the check up.
  9. Avoid coffee and caffeine prior to the appointment
    • Caffeine is a stimulant. Being jittery on the dentist’s chair can make both the dentist and the patient uncomfortable. Avoid any caffeine prior to check up, since the tendency of sugar and caffeine to perk up one’s energy level can increase anxiety.
  10. Dressing
    • The patient should dress comfortably and decently. Dress warmly in cold weather and lightly in hot weather. Avoid lip stick, it becomes messy as dentist’s gloves pick up the colour. Avoid ponytail hairstyle to enable comfortable rest of the head on the dental chair.
  11. Be honest with your dentist
    • Tell your dentist the truth about your health for them to carry out proper diagnosis and treatment. If you experience any challenges, pain or such health issues let them know. The right information is vital for treatment.

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