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Loosing a Tooth is not such a big deal after all!

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People often lose teeth due to several reasons. Loss of teeth can occur because of trauma, old age, tooth decay or gum disease. Whatever the reason lost teeth can be replaced by either a fixed bridge, a denture or an implant. Dental implants are more popular since they provide a long-lasting solution, prevents bone loss and provides nearby healthy tissue.

dental implant artificial tooth

A dental implant is an artificial replacement of the root portion of the natural tooth and is anchored into the pre-drilled socket in the jaw bone to support a crown, bridge or secure a denture. Implants are made from titanium or a material that is well tolerated by the bone and integrates easily with bone tissue.

Advantages of implants over bridges and crowns

Reduced bone loss, if a tooth is lost a hole is formed, and the bone begins to disappear around this area(atrophy)which may change the shape of the jaw. The bone tissue around the tooth is usually replaced by the body’s natural renewal process. An implant placed around that area stimulates bone growth and production preventing bone loss.

dental implant jaw bone

A single dental implant can support one, or several replacements of teeth so you don’t need to have one implant per replacement tooth. The whole procedure of having dental implants can take three to nine months and involves one or more surgical procedures.

Dental Implant Process

Placement of the implant into the jaw and attachment of the abutment (which holds false teeth in place) to the implant. This would be one or a two-stage procedure. Fusion of your new implant with the surrounding bone can take from six weeks to six months. You may be offered temporary artificial teeth to wear during this period. Tooth extraction may be done if you have a problem with one of your teeth to remove it and replace it with an implant. Bone grafting may be done if you don’t have enough bone to support an implant in your jaw, the dentist can add new bone. This comes somewhere from your body or from a source.

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