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How Tongue Piercing affects your Oral Health

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 TONGUE PIERCE PERIODONTIST.CO.KETongue piercing has lately become more and more popular, especially among the young people. However “cool” it may appear, it is important to note that this type of body piercing can be very dangerous.

Indeed, it not only interferes with speaking, eating, chewing and swallowing, but can also cause serious oral complications Therefore, if you think about piercing your tongue, you should also consider the effect it may have on your oral health

What Are The Dangers Of Tongue Piercing?

There are different kinds of systemic and local complications associated with tongue piercing. They include;

• Glossitis (inflammation of the tongue)

• Gum and nerve damage

• Periodontitis (Gum disease)

• Chipped/ cracked teeth

• Drooling (increased saliva flow)

• Tooth loss • Receding gums

• Halitosis (Bad breath)

• Mouth ulcers (this can eventually lead to oral cancer)

• Endocarditis

• Other serious infections like HIV and Hepatitis (especially if equipment used are/were not sterilized) I Still Want To Have My Tongue Pierced.

What Should I Do?

If you still want to have your tongue pierced, some of the precautionary guidelines to protect your oral and general health include the following;

• Ensure that you choose a reputable piercing studio

• Ensure proper oral hygiene, e.g., brush your teeth and tongue, use mouthwash.

• Avoid sharing foods/ drinks to minimize the spread of infectious bacteria

• Remove your jewelry when eating or sleeping to avoid damaging your oral tissues

• Don’t touch your pierced tongue with your fingers because this may cause infections

• If you notice any sign of infection, visit your dentist immediately

• Schedule for regular dental check-ups For more information on how tongue piercing may affect your oral health, call us on 0716 521043 or book appointment online

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