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Habits That Harm Teeth

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Teeth are important for maintaining the shape of the mouth and chewing of food among other things. However,

teeth need to be taken care of. Visiting the dentist for regular check-up after every six months, is part of maintaining oral hygiene. Certain habits however, can lead to loss of teeth due to negligence, carelessness or certain lifestyle that is not recommended.

  1. Nail biting
    • This can become a habit. The result is that, the teeth end up being affected since the gums are harmed. Nail biting can also upset the stomach lining if the nails are swallowed. Nail biting is known as a compulsive habit, since it is often repeated without a person being aware of what they are doing. It is common among children however it becomes a problem when done often.
  2. Grinding and clenching
    • Most people often grind their teeth, especially when they are anxious. Most grinding happens at night and is caused by improper bite or crooked teeth. A sign of night time grinding is a constant headache or a sore jaw when you wake up. Grinding can be corrected by use of a night guard in the mouth, as advised by the dentist.
  3. Chewing ice
    • Chewing ice can become habitual. This can cause harm on teeth since constant ice chewing erodes the enamel part of the teeth. It also runs the risk of cracking or chipping your teeth or any previous dental work, like fillings and crowns.
  4. Heavy drinking
    • People who drink heavily have higher plaque levels on their teeth and are most likely to suffer from teeth loss. Alcohol dries the mouth and therefore prevents saliva from doing its job of cleaning the mouth and killing bacteria.
  5. Thoughtless chewing
    • This involves chewing on hard material like the tip of a pencil, a pen, plastic or metal when trying to think about something. When this is done often it becomes a habit that can lead to chipping of teeth.
  6. Skipping brushing
    • Brushing of teeth is part of oral hygiene. This should be done properly at least after every meal. People often enjoy coffee, tea, wine and sugary snacks and forget to brush their teeth. The result is staining and eroding of teeth if proper brushing is not done, or if one skips brushing.
  7. Using your teeth as a toolbite pencil
    • People often use their teeth to open bottle tops, to pull tough material like clothes or chewing on tough bones. This can end up chipping teeth.
  8. Using tobaccopdc tobacco pipe
    • This covers both smoking and chewing of tobacco. This leads to bad breath, bleeding gums, sore throat, discolouring of teeth and cancer.

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