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Effective Doctor-Patient Communication

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doctor patient communication
Doctor-patient communication

Communication is important to convey a decoded message from the sender to the recipient through a medium. This should be done in the most effective way to enable understanding and offering of solutions.

The doctor and patient, therefore, need effective communication skills to enable comprehension from both ends.

Doctor to Patient

The doctor needs to understand the patient's needs. This can be done through diagnosis during the examination and the interpretation of results to the patient. The doctor, therefore, needs to create an atmosphere that will enable the patient to disclose information. The patient should feel free with the doctor and tell them the experiences.

Importance of the information to the Doctor

The doctor gets to familiarize themselves with the patient, in terms of who they are, where they come from and what they require. This enhances a strong bond between the patient and doctor easing the tension, reduces panic and creates a conducive environment for both parties.

The genesis of a problem defined

The patient gets to define the genesis of their condition. This enables the doctor also to define the cause of a disease as well as establish the right diagnosis. The cause and effect established enables the correct prescription and medication.

Disclosing fears and concerns

The patient gets to be more open to express their feelings to a doctor, once they get familiar with their doctor. The patient, therefore, can express their fears about their condition and get to disclose vital information. The information, therefore, will be used for diagnosis purposes and medication.

Building trust

Trust is key for both parties. To build trust, disclosure of information from the patient is key. Privacy of information, on the other hand, should be observed by the doctors. The two key elements enhance loyalty and trust and enhance an effective relationship. The patient should avoid hiding vital information from the doctor due to embarrassment, ego or lack of trust. The doctor, on the other hand, should encourage the patient to express their feelings by creating a positive ambience.

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