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Do You have Crooked Teeth?

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Teeth that are crooked or misaligned can cause long term health problems if left untreated. Fortunately, there are treatment procedures for both adults and children.

crooked teeth before bracescrooked teeth corrected by braces

Causes of Crooked Teeth

Teeth tend to become crooked when

baby teeth fall and are replaced by permanent teeth. Permanent teeth grow in one by one and are affected by other teeth in the mouth, adult teeth are often crooked from the outset. A severe injury that may lead to misalignment of teeth is another cause of crowding of teeth due to crooked jaw. Improper fit of dental restorations like fillings and crowns, is another cause to crowding of teeth. Misalignment of teeth is also common among children due to thumb sucking; overuse of bottle and pacifier use before the age of three. Genetic traits such as overbites and underbites are also common leading to crowding of teeth.

Problems of Misaligned Teeth

Misalignment of teeth causes difficulty in proper cleaning of teeth, hence increasing risk of tooth decay cavities and gingivitis. Straining of teeth, jaws and muscles is also common, increasing the risk of teeth breaking. The people affected often become self-conscious of their appearance resulting to low self-esteem.

lady black guy wear braces

Corrective Measures

Once a diagnosis is made an Orthodontist will advise on the best method of treatment. A removable retainer may be all that is needed to correct crowding by shifting teeth to the new position. Removing of one or more teeth can also be recommended if overcrowding is the main problem. Use of braces as a corrective measure is recommended for most cases. The use of myobrace for teeth alignment may also be recommended. Extreme cases such as an extreme overbite or underbite may require surgery for correction.

before and after braces teeth

Myobrace may also be recommended for teeth alignment especially for kids.

kids teeth alignment myobrace

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