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Dental History Of Orthodontics

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the old and new dental braces
The old and new dental braces

In the early years, the thought of braces among people made them freak out. The minute a dentist recommended one to see an orthodontist, the word “Metal mouth”, “tin teeth” and other unattractive adjectives ran through their minds. Today with modern technology dental treatment has become easy. Braces leverage the basic principles of engineering, Constant mild pressure in the desired movement will allow for an overall change in teeth position.

The old toothbrush

old wooden toothbrushes
Old wooden toothbrushes

The old brushes were wooden before the discovery of plastic. For centuries toothbrushes have been invented and enhanced by ancient civilizations. This includes Chinese monks, lone dentists and large research corporations.


The Ancient History of Toothpaste. Toothpaste dates, by most estimates, back to the days of the early Egyptians, around 5000 BC. They wanted to clean their teeth, and so they picked out a mix of abrasive substances, such as the salt, and sweet-smelling ones, such as the flowers, to both clean and freshen.

Old toothpaste
Old toothpaste

Dental rooms

the dentist with the assistants performing a procedure
The dentist with the assistants performing a procedure

Dental X rays

Today, x-rays are often used in hospitals and other medical facilities in helping to diagnose broken bones and other issues. X-rays were initially discovered in the late 1800s by a German physicist. This discovery led to many advances in the field of radiology, especially regarding the medical use of x-rays.

Old dental X-ray
Old dental X-ray

Dental chair

A dental chair is an essential piece of equipment for Orthodontist (corrects malpositioned teeth and jaws) endodontist (Root canal specialist) and dentists. The dental chair enables the dentist to perform procedures comfortably on the patients. The dental chair can be adjusted in different angles to make work easier for the doctor when performing different procedures. The chair also is used to relax the patient at an angle that enables them to rest during procedures.

The old dental chair
The old dental chair
Old Dental marketing poster
Old Dental marketing poster


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