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Ageing And Dental Health, 7 Secrets to keeping Teeth Strong

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As one ages their teeth tend to become weak. The nerves in the teeth tend to become smaller hence less sensitive to cavities or other effects. Therefore,

the mouth changes as one ages. This calls for special attention on proper oral health care for the aged. Regular check-up with a dentist is advised.

Oral healthcare

  1. This includes proper brushing of teeth, at least twice a day. The teeth tend to get exposed to bacteria which causes tooth decay. This should be prevented by proper brushing.
  2. Proper diet for healthy teeth. Dieting plays a key role in healthy teeth. Proper dieting should be enhanced by the elderly.
  3. Quit smoking or habits that can damage teeth. Yellowing of teeth is one of the notorious side effects of long-term smoking. The development of gum disease, persistent bad breath and other oral hygiene problems are likely to follow.
  4. If one puts on dentures, make sure they are cleaned on a regular basis. This prevents stains on the denture.
  5. Drink tap water since most contains fluoride that helps prevent tooth decay no matter how old you are.
  6. Clean in between teeth by regular flossing with a floss material.
  7. Regular check-up with a dentist is recommended.

As one ages, they tend to have weak teeth due to the aging of the bone. Loss of teeth becomes common. Dental check-up becomes vital whereby a dentist comes up with recommendations to replace lost teeth. Dentures may be recommended as a temporary solution and implants as well. This will enable chewing, put on a smile on the patient and maintaining the shape of the mouth.

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