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The Periodontist Dental Centre (PDC) was established after identifying the need for specialist dental care for patients with periodontal (gum) disease and those needing replacement of teeth using dental implants. Over 80% of our population has one form or another of gum disease. Over 10% of the people have severe form of periodontal disease that results to tooth loss. There are few periodontal specialists in the country numbering less than ten (10) for a population of over 40 million.

It follows that the level of care in this field is wanting necessitating the need for dedicated facilities for periodontal care. It is the recognition of this immense gap in quality and appropriate care that has been the inspiration for the establishment of the centre.

Our Practice

Our practice is patient centred putting the needs of the patient for information and participation in treatment planning at the core. We believe spending time with our patients to explore in depth their dental issues goes a long way in alleviating their fears and empowers them to own the treatment plan. This in turn leads to improvements in the longterm success of dental treatment.

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What our patients say

  • Amata Sangho Diabate

    "….Thanks. And I am glad I benefited from your excellent skills. You not only gave me my smile back but you also taught me a lot about dental care. Thank you so much. You're the best dentist I have ever had..." Read more

    Amata Sangho Diabate
  • Joel Mbugua

    "The tender and professional dental care that Dr. Mulli gives is simply outstanding. There's something about a man who knows what God ordained him to be on this earth - and when he finds out what that thing is, he does it with all his heart. Thanks Daktari." Read more

    Joel Mbugua
  • Kimutai Kemboi

    "Today I received an amazing dental care from the great Doctor Mulli, a gum specialist... Thanks Doc for the amazing job done. Be blessed"

    Kimutai Kemboi
  • Ruth Katulle

    "Thank you Doc! You were exceptional with her. You made her feel comfortable from the moment she walked in,explained each step of the checkup with her, showed her the tools you were going to use and assured her that you would stop the procedure if she got nervous. She loves going to the Dentist now and won't stop talking about." Read more

    Ruth Katulle
  • Afum Tseja-Matta

    "Thank you Dr Mulli for my best dental experience so far! You took your time to explain my teeth to me, were so thorough with the scraping and polishing and had an excellent bed side manner. I felt comfortable throughout. Your office is also super organized & staff are welcoming. But most importantly I'm loving my sparkling brand new teeth! I'll be smiling all week long. Will certainly be recommending others. Thumbs up!!" Read more

    Afum Tseja-Matta
  • "Dentists aren't as bad as we were told actually!! Or maybe you need to get a good one for that matter. At least I can say I got a good dentist, for life!! — feeling blessed."

    Faith Owuor

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